Pembrokeshire Pileup

Pattern: Original
Quilting: Machine
Based on a photo by Katie Walwyn

Two Voices: A Synergy Project was a SAQA Showcase membership challenge for the Oregon Region in 2019.  It was an outreach to members in hopes of creating friendships throughout the region through collaboration.  Katie Walwyn and I joined together in creating Pembrokeshire Pileup.  Katie had a photo taken on a hike in Wales with Lynda Christiansen that we chose as our design.  Rather than making two companion pieces, we both worked on a single piece.  I created the portrait of Lynda and stitched the sheep.  Katie cut the fabric for the sheep, did the background and quilted the finished piece.

The entire show was featured in an outdoor exhibit at Five Pines Lodge in Sisters, OR, during the 2021 Regional Conference