Bridge: Traversing a long marriage

Size: 24" x 33"
Pattern: Original
Quilting: Machine
Rodrigue family photos

I began working on an entry for the Oregon Regional SAQA show “Bridge” shortly after my parents passed away.  Originally, my plan was to simply depict a Bridge hand, but as I began working on it I started thinking about the role Bridge played in my life growing up.  Mom and Dad were avid Bridge players and it was a part of our daily dialogue. I found almost no photos of the Bridge days.  Then I realized that the word bridge, meaning a link between one thing and another, truly describes Mom’s and Dad’s life together.  The photos traverse their lives from their engagement to one of their last times together before Dad passed on, nearly 73 years later. The King and Queen of Hearts are based on old family photos. The time I spent on this quilt were hours of happiness and memories as I mourned and celebrated two amazing people.