Walker Family Reunion

Size: 30" x 20"
Pattern: Original
Quilting: Hand
Inspired by a photo of my mother, Margaret, and aunts: Lou, Martha, and Jane

This quilt captures the essence of our 1993 Walker family reunion in Ridgeway, CO.  Over 30 members of three generations gathered for a full week of family togetherness.  During the talent show the four Walker sisters dressed as nuns and pantomimed to “Our Guy”.  The sisters love their cookies and decided that everyone should bring 12 dozen cookies for snacks and desserts.  Imagine how many cookies we had, of course no one wanted to bring “only” 12 dozen.  We had literally piles of cookie boxes and didn’t make a dint in them.  Yes, those are cookies at the bottom of the quilt, not potatoes, as some have suggested.