Melanie and Dennis

Size: 19" x 16"
Pattern: Original
Quilting: Hand
Inspired by a photo of Melanie and Dennis Watson

My sister, Melanie, began quilting before I did and quilting has brought us together as sisters.  Melanie and I have totally different strengths in quilting.  She is a fabulous appliqué artist and teacher where I might choose a root canal over an appliqué project — it is over quicker. We appreciate one another and don’t compete.  Melanie is also much more generous when it comes to making quilts for others.  A few years ago I decided to make her a quilt for Christmas.  I couldn’t bear the thought of making a traditional quilt, so decided to share my passion with her.  Melanie and Dennis is the result.  Again it is an early experiment and she made a good choice in hanging it high above her cutting table.  From across the room, it isn’t bad.