Snaggle-tooth Lucy

Size: 17" x 20"
Pattern: Original; fabric choices in collaboration with Lucy James Johnson
Quilting: Machine
Inspired by a photograph of my granddaughter Lucy James Johnson.

In August 2012 Lucy and Ella visited us in Ohio by themselves.  One afternoon Lucy grinned up at me and asked, “Gram will you do a quilt of my snaggle-teeth?”  For a person who is always looking for memorable photos, it was a request I couldn’t pass up.  Her sister, Ella, chimed in that she wanted one too, thus this series, Snaggle-tooth Sisters. I’m lucky to have pulled out my iPhone and snapped the photos on the spot because each grew in a beautiful, complete set of teeth within months.  After we moved to Portland in September 2012, I invited Lucy and Ella to each work with me individually in my studio on the project.  I selected the face fabrics and Lucy and Ella each chose their own hair and background fabrics.  We discussed the importance of value and personality when choosing fabrics.  Each girl made excellent choices and the resulting quilts reflect their personalities well.  My lesson from this particular quilt is that solid fabrics do not work as well on faces as those with a subtle pattern.