About Me

When I was in the second grade my teacher told me that I had no artistic talent. I took her at her word and did not revisit the issue until I was in my mid-50s. My stepdaughter asked me to make her a quilt as a wedding present, without considering that I was not a quilter. Ever up to a challenge, I got a friend to help me make my first quilt. Then followed a second wedding quilt and a flurry of grandbaby quilts and I quickly realized that I hate doing the same thing again and again, as is required when making traditional quilts. Unwilling to accept defeat, I began designing my own quilts…ones with fewer repetitions. My first experiments were with leaves and once that challenge was exhausted, I started looking for other ideas. One day I was watching my son work with Photoshop and was captured by the way he could manipulate photos into a format that I thought I could turn into quilt patterns. This was the beginning of my passion for Photoshop and Faces. I specialize in craggy faces that look as if they have been well worn, no babies or sweet faced children, but am exploring ways to capture all ages. Several of my portrait quilts represent memories of my travels…easier to keep than photo albums.