Sisters Working Together Series

When my sister, Melanie, and I get together we love to collaborate on a quilt or just work side-by-side in the studio on a similar project. In 2007 she spent a full week with me and we did two quilts. Each of us chose a focus fabric to start. The first two days I worked with Melanie’s fabric and she worked with mine. Then we traded and worked on the other quilt for two days. Finally we traded back for the last two days. It was fun to see how the blend of our styles created these very special results. Another time we worked together on an anniversary quilt for our Aunt and Uncle Al and Jane Gorton. It is always fun to see how two very different quilting styles can come together and make a piece of art.

Sheryl Rodrigue "Sherri" Culver is an award-winning quilting artist based in Portland, Oregon.
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