10,000 Hours of Practice

Size: 16" X 20"
Pattern: Original
Quilting: Machine quilted
Inspired by photo taken by Jessica Daschner

This is a portrait of my nephew Dylan Rodrigue. From the time he was a tiny boy, Dylan was a musician. He played the guitar, the hammered dulcimer and sang along. Other instruments were added as he grew. He practiced incessantly and his dad, was his proudest fan. Rick, Dylan’s dad and my brother, often talked about how Dylan must have practiced the full 10,000 hours required for mastery. Rick asked me if I would do a portrait of Dylan. It took ages for me to finally find the photo by Jessica that met my requirements. Last August Rick and Kathy visited me in Portland and approved the plan for this portrait. When Rick passed away suddenly a few weeks later, I walked into my studio and saw the photo on my design wall and felt as if I had been sucker-punched. It was too late for me to fulfill my promise. This portrait is a work of love for my dear brother, who appears peering out of the bushes on Dylan’s shirt.

Sheryl Rodrigue "Sherri" Culver is an award-winning quilting artist based in Portland, Oregon.
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