Sisters at the Coast

Size: 8" X 10" each
Pattern: Original
Quilting: Machine
Photo taken by the artist

In August 2021, my three daughters and I spent a few days at an Airbnb in Aberdeen, WA.  Covid was still an issue, so we went to the fish market and did a bit of shopping at a small street fair, but otherwise stayed away from others.  Brinn was our primary chef and we had delicious meals.  In the evening we played a game where we re-styled the family room to improve it.  I, being a rule follower, was a bit nervous, but the girls all agreed we had improved the arrangement.  We haven’t heard otherwise.  I wanted to get some source photos for a project and took a bunch.  When it came time to select the best one, it was apparent that none suited all the girls.  So I decided to do a triptych.  I love the result, although I have no idea what the girls think.

Sheryl Rodrigue "Sherri" Culver is an award-winning quilting artist based in Portland, Oregon.
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